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The STK500 is Atmel's development board for the AVR microcontroller.

STK500 Features

Controlled from AVR Studio

8 LEDs and 8 push buttons for experimentation

Serial In-System Programming

All AVR I/O ports easily accessible through pin header connectors

In-System Programming in external target systems (6-pin and 10-pin headers)

Spare RS-232 driver and connector (for user)

Parallel and serial high-voltage programming

Firmware upgrades are done from AVR Studio
RS-232 interface to PC (for control) Expansion connectors for plug-in modules (such as the STK501 and STK502)

Sockets for 8-, 20-, 28-, and 40-pin DIL AVR devices

Target voltage 1.8 6.0V (software controlled)

Flexible clocking, voltage and reset system

Supply voltage 9 12V

The STK500 kit includes

STK500 board STK500 User Guide booklet
9-pin RS232 cable (male to female) DC power cable (9-12Vdc supplied by user)
Atmel CD-ROM (check Atmel web site for latest versions) STK500 cable kit (internal interconnection and 6-pin ISP)
2 sample AVRs - typically, a ATmega8515 and an ATmega16 or ATmega162 but this may vary

The following prices are subject to revision without notice due to rapidly changing exchange rates and freight costs!

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Part Number Description Price ex GST Price inc GST
ATSTK500 Atmel STK500 Development Board $150.00 $165.00
ATSTK501 STK500 add-on for mega64/mega128 $150.00 $165.00
ATSTK502 STK500 add-on for LCD AVRs (mega169, etc) $175.00 $192.50
AT90EIT1 Embedded Internet Toolkit for the AVR $500.00 $550.00
ATJTAGICE2 Atmel JTAGICE Mk2 (Mk1 no longer available) $440.00 $484.00
ATAVRISP-MK2 Atmel AVR In-System Programmer Mk2 (Mk1 no longer available) $70.00 $77.00
3x2to10 Adaptor for AVRISP-MK2 6 pin cable to original 10 pin programming header $10.00 $11.00
  12V 1A regulated switch mode plugpak power supply for STK500 $13.50 $14.85

All prices are in Australian Dollars. Australian customers should use the 'inc GST' price.
We reserve the right to change prices without notice (mainly due to changing exchange rates).

Postage is not included in these prices. Within Australia, allow $13 + GST (Express Post).

There is a 2% surcharge for payments by credit card (MasterCard and Visa).

Troubleshooting tip

If you have trouble accessing the STK500 via your COM port, another application may be using the COM port. To determine which application is accessing your COM port:

This should list any COM port that is being used and the application that is using it.

All SysInternals utilities can be found at

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