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It is impossible for one business to have expertise in all fields of electronics. While we can take most projects from concept to reality, there are certain types of systems where our expertise is limited. Or we may be temporarily overloaded and unable to provide the level of service that we like to provide. In these cases, we would recommend that other companies be consulted.

So that the right Engineer gets the right projects, we are supporting the idea of a network of Engineers with complementary skills. By the way, we use the term 'Engineer' to refer to someone who can take a problem and provide a practical, reliable, properly designed and cost effective solution. An Engineering degree is not required but may be helpfull!

For instance:

For PC-based Control Systems and Video Switching Control Systems, try David Griffiths at Digital Graphics Pty Ltd. His projects have included Concrete Batching Systems. We have known David for about 20 years and have every confidence in his abilities. He published several designs in local electronics magazines several years ago. He likes to write software in Pascal and Assembler.

Contact David Huisman at Orbit Communications for reliable complete RF data modules, wireless telemetry, RF ICs including GPS chip-sets and other communication solutions.

Don McKenzie at Dontronics logo can supply a Basic Stamp Windows 95 Front End, PicNPoke "Pacman like" Multimedia Simulator for the PIC16x84, SimmStick(tm) Atmel & PIC proto PCB's (30 pin Simm Module Format) and more....

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