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CS010 Analogue Probe

CS010 Analogue Probe

The CS010 Analogue Probe is a switchable 1x /10x 150 MHz oscilloscope probe.


  x 1 position x 10 position
Attenuation Ratio 1:1 10:1
Bandwidth DC to 6 MHz DC to 150 MHz
Rise Time 58 ns 2.3 ns
Input Resistance 1 MΩ 10 MΩ
Input Capacitance Approx 67 pF Approx 17 pF
Compensation Range   10-35 pF
Working Voltage 600V DC including peak AC , de-rated to 50V at 10MHz and 10V at 100 MHz.
Safety Meets IEC1010-1 Category 1.
Cable Length 1.2 m

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