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CS700 Signal Generator

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CS700 Signal Generator

The CS700 Signal Generator is a plug-in module for the CS328 and CS320 Oscilloscopes. It can be factory fitted if ordered with a CS320 or CS328 or it can be fitted later by the user.

The CS700 Signal Generator generates sine, square and triangle output waveforms. The amplitude may be varied between 0 and 5V pk-pk, in 10mV steps. The offset may be varied from 4 to +4V in 10 mV steps. The generator can be modulated (FSK or PSK) and frequency swept. The sweep may be synchronized with the Spectrum Analyser to carry out transfer response measurements. Two of the digital inputs may be allocated to switch between either of the two frequencies or two phases.


Functions Sine, Square or Triangle
Generation Method  Direct Digital Synthesis
Output Sampling Rate  50 MSa/sec
Frequency Range Sine, Square: 0.2 Hz to 10 MHz
Triangle: 0.2 to 1 MHz
Resolution 0.2 Hz
Accuracy 50 ppm in 1 year, 0-40oC
Output Voltage Range 100mV to 5V p-p including DC offset
Output Voltage Resolution 10 mV
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Output Voltage Offset Range -4V to +4V
Output Voltage Offset Resolution 10 mV
Frequency Shift Range Any two frequencies in range 0.2Hz to 10 MHz
Phase Shift Range Any phase difference between 0 to 360 degrees
Signal to Noise Ratio -60 dBc typical
Total Harmonic Distortion < 1 MHz : < -65 dBc
> 1 MHz : < -35 dBc
Amplitude Flatness 0.2 dB
Amplitude Accuracy 2%
Square Wave Rise/Fall Times < 12 ns
Protection Short Circuit Protected
10V peak overdrive < 1 min

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