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We have the following range of economical quality IC programmers and adaptors. 
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Part Number Description Pins Price no GST Price inc GST
BeeHive208S Stand-Alone Multiprogramming System
Based on 8 x BeeProg2 programmers, USB 2.0, built-in embedded PC
8x48 $9400.00 $10340.00
BeeHive204 Multiprogramming System based on 4 x BeeProg2 inc 4 x ISP connector 4x48 $4150.00


BeeHive204AP Extremely fast universal 4 x 48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming system - the core for automated programmers and automatic test equipment (ATE). Version with ZIF socket openers is also available. 4x48 Please email for price  
  BeeProg+/BeeProg Multiprogramming system information (applies to all BeeProg, BeeProg+ and BeeHive products, included in standard software)      
BeeProg2 Extremely fast universal USB/LPT interfaced programmer. A higher speed version of the BeeProg+ 48 $1390.00 $1529.00
BeeProg2C Universal 48-pin programmer, very fast, USB (high speed and full speed) or LPT interface, ISP capable  48 $1150.00 $1265.00
SmartProg2 Universal 40-pin programmer, ISP capable, 
USB 2.0/1.1 interface 
40 $540.00 $594.00
MEMprog2 Universal memory programmer, USB 2.0 full speed, upgradeable to SmartProg2 40 $350.00 $385.00
Xprog2 Upgrade MEMprog2, T51prog2 or PIKprog2 to SmartProg2   $220.00 $242.00
SEEprog Serial EEPROMs 8 $100.00 $110.00
Programmer and Simulator Adaptors DIL to PLCC, SOIC, QFP, etc
PLCC to DIL, etc


(discounted, limited stock available, full warranty)

Part Number


Description Pins Price no GST Price inc GST
JetProg 1 Universal 48-pin programmer, expandable to 256 pins, very fast 48 $1500.00
JetProgBase8 1 JetProg 8 position base unit for EPROMs and Flash memories up to 32 pins (without socket sub-modules which are available)   $560.00
LabProg+ 1 Universal 48-pin programmer 48 $1000.00
SmartProg 1 Universal 40-pin programmer, ISP capable, 
LPT interface
40 $580.00
PIKprog+ 2 Microchip PICs (fast), serial EEPROMs (fast), ISP, LPT 40 $300.00

Discontinued products are available while stocks last. Software support will continue for some time. 
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We can also supply adaptors from the large Logical Systems range.

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