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In the course of designing products for our usual clients, we sometimes have to design other equipment. Or maybe it was just something we wanted to do. Either way, here are a few things we have designed which should be useful to many fellow Embedded Design Engineers.

485N: An automatic RS232/RS485 interface that is easily user programmed for any baud rate from 45 to 115,200 baud. Uses an AVR microcontroller.
GLC3: A small "logic controller" that has 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, RS232 or RS485 serial port, buzzer, LCD and runs from 12Vdc.
GMC75X   GMC75X: A small credit-card sized CPU that can accept a range of single-chip 8051 derivative CPUs. Build a 'C' stamp (OK, a 'C' credit card).
PC2I2C   PC2I2C: Interface adaptor and cable which allows the GMC75X EEPROM to be read or programmed from your PC.
GP-AT Programmer   GP-AT: A very versatile programmer for the Atmel range of Flash 8051 and AVR CPUs (DIP, PLCC44 and SPI). Also does 8-pin EEPROMs.
  SOIC20: An adaptor for the 20 pin SOIC versions of the AT89C2051 (for the GP-AT programmer).
51/2051 Adaptor   51/2051: For those who have an 8051 ICE but want to target the AT89C2051. This 40-to-20 pin adaptor includes a comparator to simulate the comparator in the AT89C2051.

We also have some industrial controller products and adaptors for programming PLCC AVRs that will be released soon.

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Last updated: 15 June 2002

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