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The official Intel specification for Intel HEX file format (29k) It took me quite a while to find this...

A single page 8051 instruction set summary (15k)

Atmel Resources

First stop should be Atmel logo Here, you can get data, application notes, example software source and development software.

Then download Dave VanHorn's Getting Started software package.

Kanda Systems Ltd are the people who developed the STK200 and STK300 AVR Starter Kits. 

The mailing list is currently at where you can find the subscription details. You may find some useful information in our (partial) Mailing List Archive of the original Atmel list.

There is lots of information at The STK500 schematic is available here.

A new site specialising in Amateur (Ham) Radio AVR applications is Ham AVR

If you are looking for some applications, go to Christer Johansson's LOAA (Lots Of AVR Applications) site.

Also, check out Dontronics logo for lots of AVR, 8051 and PIC resources.

If you are looking for a fun AVR Christmas project, look at our Multi-Coloured Christmas Tree.

LOTS of useful AVR links at Omega Verksted's AVR Resource page.

Steve Bolt produces the SP12 AVR programming software for DOS, Windows and Linux..

The UISP programmer and software are available for Linux (by Uros Platise) with a WinNT port (by Mike Bechtold)

There is a floating point library for the AVR by Michael Stumpf.

An AVR programmer for the Mac has been designed by Ben Hitchcock.

Kanda-compatible parallel port programming adaptor schematic and AVR-ISP software to drive it (Windows, not NT,2000 - 894267 bytes).

Loek Gijben has contributed a Compact Flash Driver (13k ZIP) for the AVR Mega103.

A friend has recommended the following book as being a very good introductory text about the AVR:
"Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller" By Dhananjay V. Gadre.
In Australia, the book is available at Jaycar Electronics, Cat BT-1346.

BASIC Compilers

C Compilers (alphabetical order)

C Style Guide

There is a very good style guide for the C language by NASA.

To assist a consistent style, try using indent (yet another "prettyprinter"). The zip file is only 112k and includes full source (Turbo C).

General Stuff

RS-485 RS-485 is a common interface used in embedded design. Here is an application note from Texas Instruments called Interface Circuits for TIA/EIA-485 (152k PDF) that may help explain RS-485.
SNAP Protocol The free Scaleable Node Address Protocol (SNAP) might be just what you need for your next small microcontroller network - ideally suited to RS485.
Some Serial Data Formats If you are sending data over a radio circuit, here is some information on FM0, FM1 and Manchester encoding. These all have a 50% average duty cycle that is easier to transmit across the radio circuit than normal ASCII.
LCD Data DME Technologies used to have a very useful collection of LCD data sheets to download. But the URL has been re-directed to a porn site... :-(  Please let us know if you know what happened to the real DME site.

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