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Logical Systems

Programming, Prototyping & Production Adaptors

To complement the ELNEC range of programmers and adaptors, we are now able to offer adaptors from the large Logical Systems range. Because the range is so large, we recommend that you go to the Logical Systems site to find the adaptor and it's part number.

Once you have an adaptor's part number and US$ price, please email us for a price or you can calculate a price (confirmed at time of order) using the following method:

AUS$ = ((US$price + 35) / exch + 15) x 1.1

The '35' is air freight from the US, the '15' is local Express Post shipping anywhere in Australia, the '1.1' is 10% GST. 'exch' is the exchange rate - currently about 0.88.

Delivery is usually within two weeks.

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Last updated: 5 March 2014

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